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a member of Nebula Group Limited

We see, tap and develop the potentials of both people and technology.

We thrive by creating enduring value for all.

The professional team of Nebula Group Limited combines dedicated educationists with rich knowledge from education research and teaching experience with talents in the fields of design and information technology. Our products are jointly developed by education researchers and frontline educators. With a comprehensive administration system and quality assurance controls, we do our utmost to harness the potential of information technology to improve the quality and efficiency of teaching and learning.

Mission and Value

We are aware that our aims cannot be achieved through professional expertise in IT alone. Just as importantly, our success hinges on demonstrating how well we are living up to our commitment to quality education, to facilitating the professional development of schools and teachers and to designing and presenting products that bring long-term benefit to students.

We believe that teaching is a profession in which life touches life. There needs to be adequate space for teachers to guide students towards experiencing the fun of learning and knowledge of life and society. To achieve these goals, more support for teachers and students in the teaching and learning of basic, core knowledge is needed. We have demonstrated that this foundational knowledge, which lends itself to varying degrees of standardization, can be easily and successfully acquired using today's Internet and associated technology.

Our Consultants

We have been supported by partners both here and abroad. We have also been working with many internationally renowned experts in English Language and Literature teaching:

  • Dr. Bob Fox, the Deputy Director at the Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE), the University of Hong Kong.
  • Dr. Paul Edmondson, Head of Education at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust as well as co-supervisory general editor of the New Penguin Shakespeare series.
  • Dr. David Vallins, English Literature Professor at the University of Hiroshima who specialises in English Romantic Poetry.

Our Professional Team

Content development

Our content development team consists of:

  • Ms Clare Smount, BA (Oxon): an expert in drama and English literature. She is a director and teacher who teaches Shakespeare to second language learners.
  • Mr Graham Wells: a veteran English editor with over 20 years' experience with major publishing companies, editing textbooks for the teaching of English at all levels in Hong Kong.
  • Dr Pete Orford: an expert in Shakespeare who has helped develop our Shakespeare i-Learner.
  • Mr Jacob Lotinga, BA (Oxon): an experienced teacher, writer and education researcher.
  • University Lecturers and experienced English teachers.

Voice Talent

  • Ms Corrine Valentine: a sound supervisor and editor CNN London and Hong Kong for more than ten years. She perfects her storytelling skills by practicing in front of her two babies.
  • Ms Jeri Weeks: deputy head of a private kindergarten in Hong Kong and a Montessori teacher. She is an expert in phonics and particularly good at dramatic narration and storytelling.
  • Mr. G. C. Emerson: a retired English teacher and former vice-principal.

Art and design

  • Our art and design team are experienced and have worked for various public bodies such as Community Chest, Hong Kong Art Festival, Coca Cola.

International Collaboration

  • We have close collaboration with the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Shakespeare Institute at the University of Birmingham, the Institute of Education of the University of London and the Stratford-upon-Avon School of English. We will continue to tap in on their expertise on the learning and teaching of English and English Literature for the benefit of Hong Kong students and teachers.

Computer expertise

We make use of a highly reliable and competent IT company which has designed and supported projects for various government bureau/department websites.

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